White Family History

Andrew White

ANDREW WHITE was born at Strestton-on-Dunsmore, Wrwickshire, England in 1929 His first marriage was to Emily Walker in 1852(Emily was born in 1828 and died 1861.)The marriage produced three children. , William Andrew, Charles and Emilie. William married Elizabeth Roadknight and had two children, Errol and Daisy. CHARLES married Margaret Elizabeth Hawley (Lizzie) had one child, Isobelle Monkton White EMILIE married John Mc Gregor, and had three children, Emilie Anne White, Alice, and Adeline May.


Andrew married JANE ROBERTS on 23rd July, 1863 and this marriage produced four children. Thought to be the first child Ashley was stillborn and thought to be buried at Newtown. HENRIETTA JANE was born in 1865 at Connewarre and died 1963 Henrietta lived at Fitzroy Street, Geelong and later at “Calder Park” on Mount Duneed Road, near Surf Coast Highway. ADELINE CHARLOTTE born 1866 and died in 1947, Adeline married William Gilbert Collins, and this marriage produced two children. ALFRED GILBERT WHITE born circa 1868 Died 1946 and married Elizabeth (Bessie) Orchard Matthews B 1869 and died in the 1940’s. Alfred’s marriage to Bessie produced seven children, Mildred, born 1895, Constance, born 1897 (Married David McNair and produced two children, Moira and Elizabeth), Ruth, Audrey, Douglas Alfred born 1900 and died (Douglas married Elizabeth Violet Fullerton) Noel born 1902 and died in 1917 at the age of 15 years, (thought to be accidental death). JOHN WILFRED WHITE born 1907 died 1978 He was married and produced two children JAN and SALLY LAURA AMELIA daughter of Jane born 1868 died 1955 (married Austin G. Richardson born 1860 died 1933 at Mt. Duneed) They had one child CLIVE Richardson who married Edith Clare Duncan, and produced two children. ELAINE and RUTH, who married Robert Armstrong, and produced four children.

ANDREW WHITE was reported to have married a last time seven weeks prior to his death, and prior to this he enjoyed companionship and children with a common law wife during his later years. During his life in the Surfcoast Shire area, areas included Torquay, Mt. Duneed, and Connewarre, Andrew amassed large tracts of land from Mount Duneed to the Beach at what we know as Whites Beach, and the paddocks of Jan Juc (Bellbrae) to what was called Whites Paddock now the Torquay Golf Club, and to Anglesea Road. In 1865 he purchased 2000 acres from another Squatter, Robert Zeally, and 1000 acres from the crown. He continued to expand his holdings and by 1880 held 11,095 acres of South Barwon and Barrabool, and was shearing 9000 sheep.

When the township of Torquay was subdivided and sold he ac-quired several large allotments. He already owned most of the surrounding farmland. White first lived at “Stretton Park” in Connewarre but in 1878 moved to “Hillside” Mount Duneed. His holdings remained as Stretton and Connewarre was renamed “ Morangarell” He became involved in Local Government and he was elected as an inaugural member of the Connewarre Road Board in 1863, and later served as President. He became the first member to serve on the amalgamated shires to become South Barwon Shire and was President for ten years. He first lived at Stretton Park, Connewarre and moved to Hillside, Mt. Duneed in 1878. Andrew Died on 28th May, 1900, and his son Alfred took over the legacy managing the family Estate until his death in 1946. In 1952 the vast holdings were sold at auction, to be purchased by many of the White Family. John White purchased the Hillside property and 1100 acres, older son Doug purchased land at the southern end of Stretton called it “South Beach Farm” and included an overseer’s house sheds, stables and was always known as Wombat Farm, now Wombah Park.

White Family History
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