Those who served (WW1)

Torquay and District Historical Society have recorded the list of diggers of the Torquay and district who served overseas with the Australian Infantry Forces (AIF) during World War One 1914-1918.  This district includes Torquay, Bellbrae, Paraparap, Freshwater Creek, Mount Duneed and Connewarre.  Eighty –eight men served; twenty three were killed in action and thirty were wounded, some more than once.  One was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and seven were awarded the Military Medal.

The Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) was established in 1854 by Queen Victoria as a decoration for gallantry in the field by other ranks of the British Army.  It is the oldest British award for gallantry and was a second level military decoration, ranking below the Victoria Cross.

  • 3623 Pte Edward Cecil Penny, Pte 58 Battalion. RTA

The Military Medal (MM) established in March 1916 (and applied retrospectively to 1914) was a military decoration awarded to personnel of the British Army, other services and Commonwealth countries below commissioned rank for bravery in battle on land.  MM ‘and bar’ indicates that the award was bestowed more than once.

  • 368 Pte John Joseph Cantwell, C Co, 8th KIA 25 October 1917
  • 2808 LCpl James William Cootes, 14th Australian Field Ambulance. RTA
  • 4028 Pte George Harold Donohue, 39th WIA and RTA
  • 2628 Pte Thomas Ellis, 29th Battalion 5th RTA
  • 3536 Pte Patrick Thomas Feehan, 29th Battalion 8th RTA
  • 28744 Gunner Jock McMullen Noble 4th RTA
  • 3640 Cpl Victor Franklyn Smith 58th RTA (MM and bar)
Further resources (Available from the TDHS) 
The Story of the Diggers of Torquay and District who Served Overseas During the First World War.
Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)
Military Medal (MM)
Original war memorial cairn erected in 1950, Point Danger, Torquay
New war memorial cairn Point Danger, Torquay
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