Fisherman and Whites Beach

Whites Beach and its southerly end Fisherman’s Beach are situated on Zeally Bay. Both Whites Beach and Zeally Bay are named for early squatters of the area; Andrew White (1829-1900) and Robert Zeally (1810-1870). Fisherman’s Beach known as Fishos is where the main activity of fishing occurred from as early as the 1860s when fisherman’s huts and tents were set up from the beach. The Torquay Motor, Yacht and Angling Club was established in 1961. The foundation Directors were J Pawson, J Poole, A McKenzie. O Yateman and C. Troy. The Club was rebranded in 1982 to the Torquay Angling Club. Today Fishos is still used for access to professional and recreational fishing via the beach access ramp and where the Torquay Angling Club, the Torquay Marine Rescue Service (founded by J Norman Ainsworth, Adri Dijksman, and Pat Dungan) and the Torquay Sailing Club operate.

Courtesy Torquay Angling Club
Courtesy Torquay Marine Rescue Service
Opening of the Torquay Marine Rescue Service 1985
Courtesy Torquay Marine Rescue Service
Original boat winder for pulling boats up the beach to the access ramp
Norman Ainsworth on original beach access ramp c. 1961
Courtesy Ainsworth family

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