Here is a selection of vintage images from Torquay over the years. If you have any images that you would like to contribute to these galleries – please contact us. Click on each image for a close up view.

Torquay Bowls Club

Torquay Bowls Club

Caravan Park

Caravan Park 1940
Caravan Park with Palace Hotel in background circa 1900

Front Beach

Aerial of Front Beach
The Beach circa 1925
Torquay front beach and bathing boxes
Torquay front beach on a summers day

Golf Club

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Torquay Golf Club Original Club House

Jan Juc Beach

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Jan Juc Beach
The Beach Rocky Point Val Martyns photos Jan Juc
The Beach looking to Rocky Point Jan Juc

Old Houses

St Helliers Guest House, Price Street Torquay
St Helliers Guest house photo 3
Two Bays Guest House 4
Two Bays Guest House, The Esplanade Torquay (2)

Old Stores

General Store, copy of postcards donated by Joyce Cummins nee Higgins
George Berriman and his drawn grader
Hughes store prior to renovation 1924
Paynes General Store 1890

Post Office and Gilbert St

Torquay Post Office

Rose Series

The Rose Series Great Ocean Road
The Rose Series poscards Surfers Lookout Torquay Berach
The Rose Series postcards
The Rose Series, Collingwood Street, Apolla Bay

Spring Creek

Spring Creek (2)
fishing at Spring Creek circa 1905

Surf Beach

Surf Beach 1950
Surf Beach Life Savers Lookout
Surf Beach The Cliffs Torquay
Surf Beach Torquay Beach near Geelong
Surf Beach Torquay
Surf Beach known as The rough Beach, Torquay
Surf beach
The Beach circa 1930(Surf Beach)
Torquay Surf  Beach 21.1.1909
Torquay Surf Beach

Taylors Park

Taylors Park Entrance

Early Torquay

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Edwin Molyneaux cafe (hot water depot) next to Palce Hotel Bell Street, Torquay
Gilbert Street Paynes Store on left
Hot Water Depot (3)
Hot Water Depot Spring Creek
Hot water depot with with palace hotel in the background
Molyneaux Motor Drag at Geelong station (1)
Mouth of Spring Creek, Edwin Molyneaux on horseback circa 1899
Original Town Hall original owned by Torquay Improvement Society

The Esplanade

Aerial of Front Beach
The Esplanade Torquay early days
The Esplanade Torquay

The Glen Orchy

Torquay Historical Society Volume 1 106
Torquay Historical Society Volume 1 108

The Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel Diningroom
Palace Hotel Note circa 1888 re building by Mr Follett
Palace Hotel circa 1891
The Torquay Palace Hotel circa 1900s

The Scammell

The Scammel on the Reef
The Scammel, newspaper clipping of the sinking May 1891
The Scammel, sightseers

Torquay Primary School





Torquay School circa 1917

Torquay School circa 1917

Zeally Bay

Zeally Bay 1940s
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