Street Names

Anderson Street – James Martin Anderson (1829-1901) a draper of Geelong purchased land on the Spring Creek Estate and Whites Paddock in 1888 of which some adjoined what was later named Anderson Street. Anderson was an active member of the Spring Creek Improvement Association and later the Torquay Improvement Association.

Baines Court – James Austin Baines (1919-1979) was head teacher at Torquay Primary School from 1937-1942. He was a member of the Torquay Improvement Association and initiated a project to name and erect street signs. Baines wrote a history of Torquay.

Beales Street – William Beales (1832-1905) a tailor of Geelong, was an early settler and a member of the Spring Creek Improvement Association. Beales purchased land in Anderson Street and Boston Road in 1890.

Bell Street – William Bell (1844-1894) a Geelong grocer, councillor and Mayor purchased land in 1864 from a split up of Gundry’s pre-emptive holdings into smaller allotments. Bell was a member of the Torquay Improvement Association and his Torquay house on the corner of Price and Pride Street became St Helier’s guest house.

Charles Lane – John Edward Charles (1881-1958) was a dairy farmer who married Mabel Duffield. They resided on Duffield land and Charles ran his cows there and also on the adjacent public reserve which he leased. The Duffield land extended from Charles Lane to the Torquay Highway.

Felix Cresent – Felix Rosser (1852-1919) was an early fisherman who had a hut on Yellow Bluff overlooking Fisherman’s Beach. He was also undertaking other work around the town that including building, road making and scrub clearing. Rosser is most remembered for his bravery in using his fishing boat to rescue the passengers from the wreck of the SS Joseph H Scammell in 1891.

Fischer Street – Edward Fischer (1821-1911) a Geelong jeweller, produced the first Melbourne Cup trophy. His holiday house Springside was located in Rudd Avenue.

Follett Street – James Follett (1838-1899) was an early settler from the 1870s and in the 1880s he purchased land close to Spring Creek where he built the Pioneer Coffee Palace and accommodation facility. Follett also ran the Cobb and Co Coach service from Geelong.

Gilbert Street – Francis Edward Gilbert (1821-1879) was a teacher and cartographer who drew an early map of Torquay area in 1857. Gilbert purchased allotments at the first land sales in 1886 just outside the gazetted township. Later subdivision of these allotments in 1896 created the street in his name.

Grossmans Road – Alfred Frederick Grossman (1859 – 1902) was an early settler on Spring Creek on a property called Kithbrook. His son Conrad and grandson Keith have continued farming on land on Grossmans Road.

Munday Street – James Munday (1840-1906) Geelong businessman (tannery, currier and leather merchant), was a member of the Torquay Improvement Association, Trustee of the Torquay Recreation Reserves and member of the Torquay Racing Club.

Parker Street – William Parker (1848-1928) was the son of Richard Parker an ironmonger of Geelong and the family spent time camping at Torquay. William later purchased land for a holiday house and retired to live in Torquay. Parker was an active member of the Torquay Improvement Association with his most notable project to beautify the Front Beach with trees.

Payne Street – Alfred Payne (1867-1949) was the first storekeeper that opened in Gilbert Street. The store also provided postal services and newspapers and it was the Cobb and Co booking office.

Rudd Avenue – John Henry Rudd (1862-1939) was an early recreational fisherman who camped at Torquay and made an application to buy land in Torquay that subsequently led to the first land sales. Three weeks after the sales in 1886 Rudd erected the first house a corrugated iron structure. Rudd was the first honorary secretary and treasurer of the Spring Creek Improvement Association.

Pride Street – William Henry Pride (1844-1895) saddler and harness maker of Geelong was a foundation member and a president of the Torquay Improvement Association. He was inaugural trustee of the Torquay Recreation Reserves and a member of the Torquay Racing Club. Pride purchased the wheelhouse of the wreck of SS Joseph H Scammell for a holiday house at 24 Pride Street.

Price Street – John Longville Price (1838-1908) was a solicitor of Geelong and Geelong City councillor and mayor. He was inaugural President of the Spring Creek Improvement Association and member of the later Torquay Improvement Association. Price’s holiday house Bromsgrove is located at 2 Charles Lane.

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